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Jake and Daisey's

Jake and Daisey's Raw Pet Food Inc was founded in December of 2003. We are 100% Canadian owned and operated, located in Surrey, British Columbia. We have worked in partnership with some of British Columbia’s top breeders, trainers, veterinarians and butchers to ensure your dog’s balanced nutritional needs are met.

The Ancestral Diet

Our diets were developed by a leading animal trainer, breeder and behaviourist in consultation with other industry leaders and veterinarians. All of our diets are pre-mixed in a ratio of 75% meat content to 25% fruits/vegetables/supplements. These are complete diets – all you need to add is love!

Member of CARPFM

The Canadian Association of Raw Pet Food Manufacturers consists of manufacturers who are committed to the production of high quality, safe, and nutritious food for your companion animals. We are committed to strict guidelines to ensure food safety.

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