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Jake & Daisey’s is committed to producing the best raw food for dogs and cats in the marketplace. We have worked in partnership with some of British Columbia’s top breeders, trainers, veterinarians and butchers to ensure your dog’s balanced nutritional needs are met.


The company was incorporated in December of 2003. Jake & Daisey’s is 100% Canadian owned and operated, located in Burnaby, BC, which is a part of the Greater Vancouver Lower Mainland.

A distributor relationship with Maddies Natural Pet Products Ltd. was set up in March of 2005 offering fast, reliable, and convenient service to our growing retail sales network. With more than 100 retailers currently in BC, Alberta and Ontario (through Leis Pet Distributing Inc.), Jake & Daisey’s is readily available to you, our valued customers.

About The Ancestral Diet

Jake & Daisey’s products are created to provide you with affordable access to the ultimate in healthy feeding – Raw Food. Our diets mimic nature’s ancestral diets to include raw, federally inspected human grade meats, bone and select fruits and vegetables to produce the optimum in balanced diets.

Jake & Daisey’s diets are 100% natural – no fillers, by-products, additives or preservatives go into our diets. Only locally sourced fresh chicken and turkey, top quality beef and hormone and antibiotic free buffalo from federally inspected facilities. Nothing in any of our products comes from a rendering plant.

Our diets were developed by a leading animal trainer, breeder and behaviourist in consultation with other industry leaders and veterinarians. All of our diets are pre-mixed in a ratio of 75% meat content to 25% fruits/vegetables/supplements. These are complete diets – all you need to add is love!


Vancouver Police Department Dog Squad

Vancouver Police Department Dog Squad

“Vancouver Police Department Dog Squad chooses Jake and Daisey’s raw pet food
for the consistent high quality and service.”
K9 squad pic
“The Vancouver Police Department Dog Squad uses Jake and Daisey’s raw food(s) for the high quality and service necessary to meet the nutritional health demands, and contribute to the optimal physical performance of their Police dogs.”
Richard Wong, VPD, Dog Squad
“Jake & Daisey’s provides free, raw food to a no-kill shelter”

Jay is a 7 year old schnauzer that came to us in horrible condition. He had almost no fur! His owner’s gave him up because he had spent too much money on veterinary bills. After one month on Jake & Daisey’s Chicken, Fruit & Vegetables Jay’s fur began to grow back. With his new coat of fur he quickly found a loving home that will continue his new diet for the rest of his life! Thanks so much Jake & Daiseys!!! — Carol Reichert, Director of North America’s Largest Cat Sanctuary.

Samson's Story

Samson is a two year old stray dog that arrived at the Richmond Animal Shelter on Dec. 16th, 2007. When he first arrived he was rushed him to the vet because his skin was in such bad condition. He was given a series of medicines and prescribed a hypoallergenic diet.

The dog handler at the Richmond Animal Shelter opted to put Samson on a Jake & Daisey’s raw food diet since the prescribed hypo food wasn’t helping poor Samson. As Samson’s condition was so severe, his full recovery took almost 4 months, but it was worth it! He is now a beautiful border collie that is full of energy and life. He loves his food, especially his raw meaty buffalo bones!

Below are pictures of Samson when he came to the Richmond Animal Shelter. Four months later Samson is a beautiful boy and he is still eating Jake & Daisey’s raw food!

Raw Dog Food and the Richmond Animal Protection Society

My first day working at RAPS was the beginning of a very important journey into the world of canine behaviour and nutrition.

RAPS is a no kill organization; any animal surrendered or found abandoned is offered a safe and healthy environment until they are adopted.

My responsibilities are to care for the rescued dogs. The challenges have been rewarding, I have learned the language of canine behaviour, the effects of stress and many aspects of canine health and maintenance.

One of the more important areas has been canine nutrition, and the connection between nutrition and the physical and psychological health of the dogs.

In the past RAPS fed the dogs donated kibble and canned food. Most of the newly rescued dogs would suffer from four to six days of diarrhea or they wouldn’t eat at all, mostly attributed to the stressful adjustment period. Many dogs continued to be picky eaters and many dogs suffered from malnutrition and disorders of neglect.

In December 2007, the founder of RAPS, Carol Reichert approached the kennel staff with a tentative idea. Could we feed the dogs a raw food diet? How much extra work would it entail? Did we have freezer space? Could we afford it?

After extensive research the answer was certain, we have to find a way to feed this raw food to the dogs. December 14th with the sponsorship of Jake & Daiseys Real Pet Food all twenty three shelter dogs were switched to a raw food diet.

The initial and long-term results have been significant. The dogs have all taken to the new food and the overall standard of health has improved dramatically. We have experienced a slow moving twelve year old dog transform into a happy, bright eyed dog, ready to enjoy a daily walk. A border collie, suffered badly from a skin condition and within three months transformed with a beautiful new healthy coat. The food is perfect for the dogs’ digestive system and furthermore, the stool is small and compact, indicating a high level of bioavailability. The food is helping emaciated dogs regain their strength and vigour, while overweight dogs have replaced fat with lean muscle and ear infections disappear without the use of antibiotics.

Our first hand experience really has been a convincing one. We are grateful to Jake & Daiseys Raw Pet Food as they have made this dream a reality, as well as relieving the dogs from the tedium of kennel life by supplying endless raw buffalo bones for their chewing pleasure.

Often times we have animals surrendered to us because of allergies or expensive medical conditions. Living with a dog can sometimes be overwhelming and expensive. Raw food may not be the answer for your dog, but it has proven to us to be a giant step in the right direction. We hope that every dog can have the option to have this healthy alternative. You just may lengthen the life of your dog, relieve unnecessary ailments and cut down on veterinary bills.

The Richmond Animal Protection Society was founded in 1989 by dedicated cat lovers who recognized the dangers to cats living on city streets, in alleys and industrial areas.ÊThere was no group helping the feral (wild) offspring of lost and abandoned cats. As a result this group built and currently operates North America’s largest cat sanctuary in order to rescue and protect homeless and abandoned cats and kittens. Located in Richmond, British Columbia, the sanctuary shelters over eight hundred animals that have been removed from city streets where they faced starvation, injury, disease and a shortened life due to the many hazards in their environment.

In February 2007 RAPS took over the Richmond City Shelter and named it a no-kill shelter. Both the city shelter and the cat sanctuary are in constant need of dedicated volunteers. Please call 604-275-2036 or visit www.rapsociety.comfor more information on how you can help.

Richmond Animal Shelter
Richmond Animal Protection Society

12071 No. 5 Rd., Richmond, BC V7A 4E9
Phone: 604.275.2036 / Fax: 604.275.2037

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Member of CARPFM

Canadian Association of Raw Pet Food Manufacturers

The association consists of manufacturers who are committed to the production of quality, safe, and nutritious food for your companion animals.



“My cats LOVE Jake & Daisey’s raw food! It took a few days to switch them over but now that I have they won’t eat anything else! Raw food is the best thing you can do for your cat.”
 Carol Reichert, Director of North America’s Largest Cat Sanctuary


“I have been feeding my 3 cats a raw food diet since they were kittens. Over the years my kitties have become picky as to what they eat at dinner time. I could see the look in their eyes as if they tried to tell me: “Ugghhh not this stuff again” (referring to those other guys brands). Thanks to your new Jake and Daisey’s raw cat food, they haven’t snubbed dinner time once! I know that if my cats could speak, they’d say, thanks Jake and Daisey’s for
bringing flavor back to our dinner bowls! MEOW!

— Lee Johnson, Crofton, BC


“I have tried 4 different brands of raw food! And enough already! NO MORE! I’m staying with you!!! Those other brands are disgusting. I don’t know what they think we would feed our babies. I have actually found rocks, fur, feathers, and huge pieces of egg shell in the other brands and that’s just not acceptable. I have two miniature schnauzers and they’re like my children. I can only imagine what the quality of how those other brands have been prepared. One time I had bought beef and vegetable with another brand and it was mostly grass or hay and with another brand it was mostly water when unthawed! My dogs will only eat Jake & Daisey’s. So even their refined noses know quality and good taste! When I try to serve them another kind they just walk away without touching it!!
Thank you for making such a great quality dog food!”
— Lillian Miller, Surrey, BC


“Mia is 3 years old. We switched her from dry food to Jake & Daisey’s raw food about 3 months ago. When we switched to the raw food, we were amazed at how enthusiastic she was. Previously, when we would put her kibble out in the evening, it would sit there until she eventually got around to it just before bed. However, with Jake & Daisey’s, she starts sniffing around the kitchen at about 8pm and still devours the food with the same enthusiasm as she did the very first time. There is no doubt in our minds the pleasure she derives from eating raw. Her coat is also much softer and shinier and the soreness she periodically experienced in her ear seems to have disappeared. Thanks Jake & Daisey’s!”
— Mia’s Mommy


“Love the convenience of the packaging and the portions.”
— Kathie Mather, Vernon, BC


“I saw you at the Pet Expo and the food that you make looks really Healthy so I am going to try it, Thanks.”
— Adrienne Imada, Vancouver, BC


“My Mom said that Jake & Daisey’s food will make me grow healthy and strong. BUT I can’t understand how food so good for you can taste so good. I used to have to have to be called for dinner and now I am ready right on time every day. Thank you for the food and OH! ya the buffalo heart treats are my favorite snack. Good bye.”
— Lucy


“Bail’s loves your food. Thank you.”
— Christine Walsh, Vancouver, BC


“Just thought I’d write to you guys to wish you a Happy New Year and to update you on how happy my dogs are on your raw food. They are looking forward to each and every meal and snarf it down before the plate hits the ground. The girls are slimming down and my boy Indy is nearing a year so I will start to cut him back a bit on his meal size. He has an incredible silky coat and all 3 are so much more energetic than they were before. My old gal Comico loves the lamb shanks and I think that her teeth are getting a lot cleaner as well.”
— Sandy Robb


“You have wonderful food”
— Kelly Hill, Surrey, BC


“Hi, my name is Megan, I am just wanting to let everyone that has not tried Jake and Daisey’s raw dog food, that it is the best. I had a problem with my ears and with in 2 weeks I never had anything wrong with my ears, they totally were cleared up. And also with being a Bassett hound we have a problem with yeast under our necks and arm pits because we sweat a lot… (BUT), my mom is very happy ’cause I do not have that anymore. And when I eat my dog food I have tons of energy and I fly thru the house, so I get lots of energy from the raw dog food, and I sleep better at night. My mom likes the fact that it is easier to clean up after me and I do not stink. Thanks to Jake and Daisey and their Raw Dog food… (AND) do ya want to know another secret… I do not have fleas… (and I do not have gas like I used to). I am one happy Bassett… I love my dog food.”
— Megan


“Love the product! Would never go back to kibble!”
— Claire Deaust, Surrey, BC


“Rojo loves Jake & Daisey’s!”
— Traci Deman, Vancouver, BC


“I’m so pleased that pets are finally getting the ‘real’ food they need for a healthy life.
Kudos to J&D’s for providing pets with a natural diet.”

— Colleen Wilson, Nelson, BC


“Your raw dog food ROCKS.”
— Christine Drake, Nelson, BC


“LOVE YOUR FOOD. My dog looks incredible and your packaging makes it easy to store and easy to feed!

— Cindy Nichols, Surrey, BC


“Wasabi is my four year old chocolate lab/blue heeler best bud… she LOVES your food!
Thank you so much for making it convenient for us – we travel a lot and the prepackaged
meals are a blessing (especially the buffalo!!) Keep up the amazing work and THANKS!”

— Sommer Setterstrom, North Vancouver, BC


“I have a 7 yr. Rotti and 4 yr. Belgium Shep X. Rotti – had many health problems until I put her on your raw food.” — Teresa Voth, Vancouver, BC


“Excellent Food Quality.”
— Danny Lau, Vancouver, BC


“My weiner LOVES Jake & Daisy’s Raw dog food.”
— Justin Frederick, Salmo, BC

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