Frequently Asked Questions

What is the % content of meat in Jake and Daisey's food?

All of our food products for dogs are a balanced diet of 75% meat and 25% fruit & vegetables and our food products for cats are a balanced diet of 96% meat and 25% fruit & vegetables.

Is feeding your product really expensive?

Feeding your pet Jake & Daisey’s pet food costs less than you might think. An adult 50 lb. dog eating our chicken, fruit & vegetable formulation will cost less than $3.00 per day. A smaller dog of 12 lbs. eating the same product will cost less than $25.00 for one month.

What are the benefits of feeding raw food to my pet?

There are many benefits associated with the raw food diet. Here is a brief list of the most commonly observed:

  • Overweight pets often lose weight and thin pets gain muscle mass and fill out to normal weight.
  • Some pets stop reacting to food and environmental allergies and become more comfortable and symptom free.
  • Hyper pets can become more calm since many behavioral problems are related to diet and allergies.
  • Lethargic pets often gain much more energy and personality due to the nutrient dense food and enjoyment they get from eating it.
  • Pets with body odor and bad breath will often become fresh and clean smelling since their entire body chemistry changes with the introduction of fresh food into their diet.
  • Pets with dull, dry and course coats will often become more shiny, lustrous and soft to the touch and along with that their skin is more supple.
  • Their teeth become whiter with less tartar buildup. The raw food causes dogs to salivate and saliva is what keeps their teeth clean and white.
  • Your pet will experience a better quality of life with a variety of food in its bowl each day just as you and I can get joy and comfort in our many choices of fresh foods.
What about risks such as Toxoplasmosis, E. Coli and Salmonella?

Risks are almost non-existent to healthy adult animals and mainly affect a pet which is already severely ill, severely stressed or with a compromised immune system due to an immune disorder or taking immuno-suppressive drugs such as steroids. We do not recommend that animals with these characteristics be fed a raw meat diet.

Dogs and Cats have digestive systems designed to handle and destroy many bacteria that are harmful to humans such as Salmonella and E. Coli. They have a short, harsh digestive tract which easily digests raw animal protein, fat and bones. Jake & Daisey’s is a raw meat product and should be handled as such. Always wash dishes, utensils, surfaces and hands with hot soapy water and allow to dry thoroughly. Keep food frozen solid until thawing to feed.

We recommend that every pet, be given a digestive enzyme with probiotics for at least 2 weeks prior to starting a raw food diet. This will help friendly bacteria colonize in the intestines of your pet and help build a stronger immune system before embarking on a raw food diet. You can use any human grade digestive enzyme and probiotics or purchase it from a health food store.

Help! My dog is having negative reactions to this diet!

Very often, when dogs (or people) make a switch to a more balanced, nutritious diet, they can sometimes display negative symptoms, such as (in the case of dogs) runny eyes, itchy skin, rashes and pimples, bad breath, smelly ears. This is just a part of the healing cycle, in other words they are mobilizing toxins, which have been stored in the cells of the body. These symptoms should pass over a period of time, usually a few days.

Can I cook your raw foods?

Cooking is not recommended. Cooking destroys the enzymes and some nutrients in raw food defeating the purpose of feeding a raw diet. The Chicken and Chicken & Beef Varieties have finely ground bone in them which is easily digestible in it’s raw form but cooked bone is difficult to digest and may pose health risks. Microwaving to defrost is also not recommended due to the uneven nature of microwave heating. Some of the food gets cooked when defrosting in the microwave. If you forget to take the food out to thaw, our suggestion for a quick defrost is to place the container in a dish of cool water in your sink. That will speed up the thawing process. In general you should plan ahead to remove our food from your freezer and allow it to defrost in your refrigerator as you would with your own food.

How do I feed raw food while traveling?

Most kennels will accommodate raw or home-prepared food if they have a refrigerator/freezer on hand, just call and ask. If you are taking your pet on a trip, use a cooler to keep the food at a refrigeration temperature with dry or regular ice. If you are traveling for longer than a few days, you may need to pack some tinned stew, canned dog food or a dry food.

Will raw food help my pet's allergies?

It’s possible. A switch to raw food may alleviate allergic symptoms your pet may be having. Many pets are allergic to protein in grains. These allergies can be seen in symptoms of chronic yeast infections, skin rashes and stiff joints or arthritic conditions. Long term exposure to large amounts of grains, for these animals, can be a precursor to more serious and permanent illness over time. But it is never too late to switch to a raw natural diet. Pets of any age can be given a new diet and benefit from it very quickly.

Does your food contain any wheat gluten?

No, Jake and Daisey’s Raw Pet Food does not contain any wheat gluten.

Is Jake and Daisey's processed food?

No, raw food is not processed and does not go through a process procedure. Processed food requires it to go under a heating process which limits the nutritional value. Jake and Daisey’s raw food is made up of natural human grade food products that are mixed and frozen and served at room temperature.

Won't eating raw meat make my dog vicious?

Absolutely not. An old wives tale. If you notice any difference in the behavior of your dog, it will likely be for the better.

Can I mix raw meat with kibble?

No, you shouldn’t mix kibble with the raw meat mixture, as they digest at different rates. Raw food is much more digestible, taking only 3-4 hours, while the kibble usually takes 9-12 hours. Kibble is a cooked processed product that is harder for the dog to digest because the molecules are bound tighter together. When raw meat and kibble are mixed together the meat will digest, meanwhile leaving some of the kibble to rise to body temperature and ferment. The bacteria level in the dog’s digestive system will then rise and could eventually cause unwanted problems.

How do I handle raw food safely?

Jake and Daisey’s raw pet food is freezer packed in convenient 1 lb. packages that are color coded for easy of selection. To prevent moisture loss the product is kept in a subzero freezer after it has been flash frozen. Your dog can enjoy nutritious, high quality food through proper handling and care of “Real Pet Food”.

Proper Handling:

  • Thawed food can be kept in the refrigerator for about 3- 4 days
  • Leftovers can be kept but should be refrigerated immediately
  • In the case of bones we recommend that the bone be discarded after use as old bones become dry and brittle
  • Defrost the food unopened in cool water or placed the refrigerator for thawing
  • Always keep the food frozen until you are ready to use it; do not refreeze thawed food products
  • Wash utensils and working surfaces with hot soapy water in the same manner you would handling your own raw meat for dinner
  • Stainless steel dishes are recommended if possible for the dog
  • Make sure the dogs dish is thoroughly washed after use
How much food do I feed my dog each day?

Every individual dog should be observed for weight changes and feeding amounts adjusted accordingly. These are guidelines only.

Puppies: (weaning – 12 months) and pregnant/lactating mothers should receive 5-7% of their body weight.

Adult Dogs: (12 months and up) should receive approximately 2% of their ideal body weight.