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Jake and Daisey’s philosophy and goal is simple:

provide top quality nutrition for your pet…

And reliable, old fashioned service to you.

Jake and Daisey’s has carefully formulated our foods to ensure they are nutritionally balanced through natural sources and prescribing to the raw diet formulations.

Jake and Daisey’s dog food meals are a balanced diet of 75% meat and 25% vegetables and cat food meals are 98% meat (with bone and organs) and 2% vegetables.

Our mission at Jake & Daisey’s is to deliver to dog owners the best balanced raw food diet in the market; to provide a variety of meal options that are life extending.


Our mission at Jake & Daisey’s is to deliver to dog owners the best balanced raw food diet in the market; to provide a variety of meal options that are life extending as well nutritionally fortifying in a convenient package for ease of handling.

It is our mission regardless of medical history or activity level to provide products that will enhance the development and longevity of your canine companion. Jake & Daisey’s believe that biologically appropriate food delivers a better quality of life for all dogs.

Jake & Daisey’s was created to provide pet owners with convenient, affordable access to the ultimate in healthy feeding – raw pet food – also known as BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food and Bones and Raw Food).

“Get Real” is our new slogan! It is our contention that your companions are as important to you as any human member of your family and therefore entitled to REAL food. At Jake & Daisey’s we only use federally inspected human grade meat in all of our products as well as providing a balanced diet of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Why Raw?

Canines thrive on a raw food diet. From a scientific standpoint, a raw food diet is one that is biologically appropriate to this species… it is what they were designed to eat! The canines we have chosen to be companions in our homes, are through their ancestry, natural hunters and meat eaters. Science has shown that while our companion dogs have been domesticated for thousands of years, their internal digestive system has remained virtually unchanged. In 1993 dogs and wolves were re-classified to be the same species. They now share not only the name “canis lupis familiaris“, but they also share a very short intestinal tract designed for the consumption and digestion of raw meat. Unlike dry commercial pet food diets which may take up to 9-12 hrs to digest, raw foods can generally be digested within 3-4 hours. Raw foods also contain a variety of enzymes and nutrients which contribute to a healthy intestinal flora and are necessary for optimum canine health.

Studies have shown that dogs that have been switched from dry commercial pet foods to a more biologically suitable raw food diet have shown numerous positive health benefits.

  • Overweight pets often lose weight and thin pets gain muscle mass and fill out to normal weight.
  • Some pets stop reacting to food and environmental allergies and become more comfortable and symptom free.
  • Hyper pets have become more calm since many behavioral problems are related to diet and allergies.
  • Lethargic pets often gain much more energy and personality due to the nutrient-dense food and enjoyment they get from eating it.
  • Pets with body odor and bad breath will often become fresh and clean smelling since their entire body chemistry changes with the introduction of fresh food into their diet.
  • Pets with dull, dry and coarse coats will often become more shiny, lustrous and soft to the touch and along with that their skin is more supple.
  • Their teeth become whiter with less tartar buildup. The raw food causes dogs to salivate and saliva is what keeps their teeth clean and white.

The above listed benefits are most commonly observed when feeding raw food to a dog, but of even greater importance is the overall good health the canine experiences. The feeding of processed commercial pet foods, particularly those which are grain based has resulted in a major incidence of disease and illness in our companion animals. Very often, they are plagued with a multitude of serious medical conditions similar to those which affect their owners. Knowledgeable caregivers, breeders and veterinarians have become increasingly aware of the nutritional needs of dogs and are taking a proactive approach in understanding their animal companions’ true nutritional needs. We are beginning to understand the importance in choosing quality natural food sources.

The balanced raw food diet is becoming the new standard, so…

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Canadian Association of Raw Pet Food Manufacturers The association consists of manufacturers who are committed to the production of quality, safe, and nutritious food for your companion animals.

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Raw Feeding Calculator
As a general rule, a normal active dog require about 2% of its body weight per day. A highly active dog may require about 3% of its body weight per day. No two dogs are alike in their metabolic rates, age, or activity levels Puppies can use up to 10% of their growing body weight.
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Imperial – Metric Weight Conversions lbs, Kg, g

Imperial <=> Metric
1/2 oz. <=> 14 g
1 oz. <=> 28 g
2 oz. <=> 57 g
3 oz. <=> 85 g
4 oz. (1/4 lbs.) <=> 113 g
5 oz. <=> 142 g
6 oz. <=> 170 g
8 oz. = (1/2 lbs.) <=> 226.8 g = 0.226 Kg
12 oz. = (3/4 lbs.) <=> 340 g = 0.34 Kg
16 oz. = (1 lbs.) <=> 453.5 g = 0.453 Kg
1 oz. = 30 g <=> 1 lbs. = 16 oz. (453.5 g)
1 g = 0.35 oz. <=> 1 kg = 2.2 lbs. = 1000 g

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